Friday, December 26, 2008


MERRY CHRISTMAS JONAS !! has it is his first x mas i must say he has open gifts down !

or the day after to be correct.
i hope everyone had an amazing Christmas
here are some pictures of me.
me and Ralfieee, on Christmas evei hope everyone had a great holiday. i did.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A classic

i know we will all enjoy.
take a walk down memory lane !


Saturday, December 6, 2008

me and Ralf ( THE BOY)
me and kandace ( a good friend)
me Monique & Matilda

Friday, December 5, 2008


so as you know i turned 17 ! ! it has been an amazing week.
lets start with thanksgiving. an amazing dinner might i say. i over eat everything
i had way to much pie and turkey. but the following day, i went to dinner with my dad, Zach and Cherie. At Olive Garden there i eat way to much. but i got the most amazing cheese cake ! and the most amazing shrimp pasta. i was in heaven. I got the amazing camera.
then at school my friends made me cake , and cup cakes. and presents .
my mom bought me a sweat shirt and markers and and a computer game.
but i think the best thing i got was a necklace from my grandpa.
it is 18 kt gold and 1/2 kt diamond it is incredible !!
over all i had amazing birthday

ME AND DALLAS !! he is a great friend

Friday, November 21, 2008


Alright so i've been the church go to person.
so last week i had to teach the young women's lesson i did very well.
the week before that i sang a solo in church.
and next week im speaking in sacrament meeting.


well thats it a bout church,
and school is school.

Monday, November 10, 2008

camera hoggg

yes my friend is a camera hog
but you can see me and my other friend dallas

we had fun at that football game even tho we lost 20 to 0

Friday, November 7, 2008

photo !

i know lovely picture.
it was after i got my Wisdom teeth out
so that say why i look very crappy ! and kind of not wanting to be bothered.

it isnt a pleasant experience. and very very bad picture. !

but leave the funky comments !

keep em comin

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

photo friday

i guess i will join you in the photo friday thing.

well this was taken like 3 years ago
at the beach. We always go to old antique shops. at this one i put on all the hats.
If you you think im lame or CRAZYYY then my friend jackamo will get you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Alright we all know of the famous Weed. it has been around forever. before all of you get shocked about this topic or are asking yourself " Why is jenny talking about this?"


so be people that live behind us are your Great full Dead people. peace loving, death worship, AC DC, motorcycle riding, long hair hippie people. well for weeks and weeks, i go to bed with the smell of weed and wake up it even stronger.
well im thinking they must be growing it or have a never ending supply of it .im sure they really love it. and dont mind giving it a share by somking it 24-7
well with these Lovely weedies !!! is how i get this wonderful topic.
Now sings of a neighbor affair or weed smoking.
1. it smell like a really bad skunk
with a mix of a kind of pine. type thing.
2. a smell that wont go away.
3. it smell like its in your own front yard.

put all that aside. and everything else is going wonderful. besides the regular highschool drama.
and liven up my junior as a Highland Scotts men. !

well now that we are all educated about it all.
lets express our feelings and thoughts and questions we may have in a comment. shall we ? !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


well in ag we deal a lot with chickens. they are nasty little boogers. it is beyond me why anyone would want to have them or raise them for any reason.
So it's fine if i just have to look at them or collect eggs. but when you have to clean out their cages that is N A S T Y !!!!! so this is were my 2 stories come in
Story one
me and this other girl had to clean out the outside chicken cages ( these chickens are a little more free rang )
she is very frightened of them. so while im trying to clean i have to keep the chickens away from her. she raked and i scoped and put it to the wheel barrel then dumped the wheel barrel. then we traded in the nex cage.
so after that we told Mr. Davidson that we were finished. He asked us is we cleaned out where they sit. and lay eggs i said no. He told me thats what the gloves were for. <>

we had to go back and remove all the Chicken Crap BY HAND !
it was one of the nastest thing i have ever done. A lot of it was FRESH ! that made it even worse.

story 2
well now Mr davidson got rid of all the chickens . and now he wants to get more . so that we can raise them and have little chickies.
so the last couple of day we have been cleaning and sanitizing all the copes and such. now their we ROACHES EVERYWHERE/ the flying ones. and black widdows, EWww. not only that but there was a .....


that was the worst thing. and it smelt soo bad, and all the poop was stuck to cages and the ground. and i was thinking how did this place get this bad.
i mean how much can one bird poop. ?
and we clean them like once a week.

anyway those are my chicken stories.

Monday, October 6, 2008


are cute

so i have to do an ag project so i'm going to raise dwarf Rabbits
they fit in the pawm of your hand.
so im should be getting a male and a female.
and then breed them and sell the little ones around 25$ or so.
the rang from 15-35$

if this doesnt work out. i could also raise parakeets .
not as fun i think

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i know you are sailing away soon
i know that we can make it
i know i will miss you with everything
I have
i know that im here for you
every step of the way i know you're here for me just the same knowing we'll be ok Eases some of my fears i know you will be safe but i still worry I hope my worries show the love i have for i cant say those words enough i know we are stronger then we think as you sail away i know i'll see you soon i know time will pass fast, and i can hold you once again i know as you sail away, that you are Never out of reach i know its for the best t and that i'll love you even more when you return i love you and know as you sail away that the ship that is sailing will always be docked in my heart

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

lets see

i must say my life isnt getting anymore exciting!

so woohooo to that !!!
the best thing i have to report is that tonight im having Disneyland CLAM CHOWDER


also i have figured out the BEST birthday present of all time for mario. me and his mom are getting a HUGE Present

its tickets to see phantom of the Oprah

its going to be great !!
i cant wait to give it to him !
other than that not much.

im sure everyone has something excitin' to report.
o and i do have a new playlist so you should listen

Friday, September 26, 2008

alrighty then

so lately i havent been up to much just hanging out.
i went to the Kern County Fair with mario and his parents
His family and i consumed so much food in one hour it was CRAZYY

1. tri tip sandwiches
3.grilled corn dogs
6.sodas and strawberry drinks
and i think that was it

then me and Mario got air brush tattoos.
then he rode the bull it was a crack up!!
i am shocked about how many people i know. i was running into them like CRAZY !

( his looks better then mine. no fair) :)

then for school we havent been up to much movies mostly every day in my ag class because he has been at the fair 2 weeks just about !
and the sub we had was AMAZINGGGGGGG !
then in spainsh on fridays we dont really do anything so we watch freedom writers i love that movie.

i think thats about it for now
or how about you guys and do a math problem
MATRISIS [1 2 6 ] X [2 9 4]+[5 7 4]

Thursday, September 18, 2008








AND who do i look like ?????

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yup that's right sick time has ARRIVED !
its going around like crazyyyyy

first Mario's neighbor had it. then his brother got it. then mario got it, then mando got it again
then his sister Cassie got it, now i have it.
and if you didnt follow that.

Mando is mario's younger brother and cassie is there younger sister.


plus at school people are dropping like flys because they keep getting sick

i hope we all get better.

Stay well Family
love ya lots

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to school

so i havent written much about being back in school so lets make this one it !

period 1= Choir
choir is AMAZING i love love love it ! i have my boyfriend in that class as well as his brother his brothers best friend. we are all a group of friends. i have made a lot of new friends in that class. but in every class there has to be a wierd one. And man ! is she just off the charts Crazyy.

period 2= Spanish
Spanish is ok. its a fun subject that i kind of understand. at times it can be boring but at the same time we do really fun activities

period 3= English
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE of all TIME !!!! im not a big fan of my teacher she is kind of on the rude side. but you like some you dont like some.

period 4= American History
i think i will like it this year i have an amazing teacher who is young and a lot of fun. he makes things interesting. and simple. i look forward to the class.

period 5= LUNCH
everyone's favorite subject everyone is passing with flying colors.

period 6= Ag. animal science,
i love this class we are on the ag farm almost every day taking care of the lambs
i have taken care of lambs with pink eye. lambs with a cisits and have shaved 2 lambs.
this will end shorty cause the fair is comming up so the lambs are being sold. =(
but we still have the rabbits. Mr. Davidson the teacher doesnt want the chickens we have there anymore. so we are going to kill them ourselfs and then disect them. as well as a system of a lamb or a cow. NASTY !!!

Period 7= Algebra 2
its pretty easy so far, but im sure i got a lot ahead of me. i like the teacher i had her freshman year. i like her better now then i did then.

the year is going to be amazing i can tell. i hope that i can stay ahead in all of my classes.

well i think that is it about school for now.
Bye Baileys

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


well im not a TWILIGHT book reader. sorry Bailey's.

but my FAVORITE of all time author is Sarah Dessen. she is completely amazing i just finished on of her books. and now am starting another.
Her Style of writing has only increased my wish/dream of becoming an author.
yes that's write i WILL Become an author one day

so look for my books !!

i have read to of her books
and the pictures are above and write now i am reading "The Truth About Forever

that is about it.

everyone else writes about Twilight so here is something new !

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


as much as i want to try this .
you have got to be CRAZY,
i know us bailey do have a tendency to do.try. wild and out there thing but this WOW!

also try < if you fail that is >

watch this

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I LOVE THIS !! !! !!


That a leopard cannot change its spots

Is an old adage certainly true .

But I am not a leopard

Neither, my friend, are you.

Living in the past is dangerous

If you repeat the same mistakes,

Or forget it’s the past in

Choosing the road one takes

Because only humans have a choice

In the decisions that they make.

We can take the true st path

Where nothing is a fake,

Or take the path of least resistance

And ride upon the road of ease.

Mindless of the final cost

We can do what we please.

Or we can show love to all mankind,

And spread what happiness we can

Wash the world in great beauty

To touch the heart of man.

So choose your life’s path most


Your choice can cause either joy or pain,

And makes you mankind’s glory,

Or its deadliest bane.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

glasses are a new trend. try it !!


well this isn't the most lovely topic you can have but as i was checking my mail to find nothing in my in box. (hint hint)
i saw an advertisement about your sweat.

i didnt read the side caption to all of them but i didnt know there were so many different kinds

first off what can happen from sweat.

prepare for what im about to tell you
this may be gross

1Sweat Rash


i dont

well im sure that happens to all of us
but still i think i could live with out it


Salty Sweat
Cold Sweat-ewwww
Night Sweat-- NIGHT TERRORS ? ?
Excessive Sweating
Uncontrollable Sweat-- HORRIBLE
Lack of Sweating- well i happen to think that would be nice. but yet you need your sweat

Morning Sweat

but yet scary .

i could go to school

"I have blue sweat"-said jenny
"well i have purple sweat"-said Samantha

well hey thats what i have to say about sweat.

here is a link for it

School also began today was DAY TWO !!

Chemistry NOT FOR ME .
other then that Junior year should be AMAZING

Saturday, August 16, 2008

new stuff

well this post is just dedicated to new pictures of my


and to my nephew

Thursday, August 7, 2008


well i am home from utah. and so far its going good.
other then the H E A T

that sucks big time. but its worth it.
at least i can go swimming.

school starts on the 18th so i've been getting ready for that.
its a pain in the butt.
well thats is it for now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

good morning

Wake up and smell the....
well what ever your house smells like.

so far in the past couple of days i have done a whole bunch of nothing.
on Tuesday i went to my last doctors appointment, WOOHOO
They Gave me Eye drop after eye drop.
and then stuck this Blue light/ stick thing in my eye. i dont even know what it was for.
they had a hell of a time getting it in, because i kept blinking and that made my eyes water and that lead to more eye drops.
after that i went and looked into this bright light so they could take picture of the inside of my eye

all i had to do was look into the light follow the stick that was in there so that they could get my eyes in a certain position. after all that
i was finished. i only like two of the doctors that worked with me.

one of them had interns
so one of them it was there first time working with the equipment and looking at eyes and such
I WAS HER FIRST. it will be remembered forever.
and the other one was a 4th year. and was pretty FLY.
Anywho that is about it.

love you all.

o and i was looking though old pictures and found this, i thought it would be a good laugh.
so heres to all you Elvis fans

Monday, July 28, 2008

Twitch & Katee

This is one of my favorite dances from so you think you can dance.

hope you like it

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008


I went to go see her concert last night and i was

A M A Z I N G.

all around i loved it. she is such a wholesome girl and will stay true to who she is..
her music is great,

so a little about me for today. ummmmmmmmm i really got nothing. nothing new is really happening in my life. so i have to find something better to talk about next time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


well everyone.
its about time that i start posting something every day. its giving me something to do.
Besides what teens always do
be on the phone.
on the computer.
listening to music
watching T.V.

i just take it upon myself to write out to my family.

so hi there.!!
the summer is coming to an end and that means another crazy school year. im ready for the socializing
not the HOMEWORK which is a total downer. the test which take up time to memorize things that im sure we will forget anyway.

school is just a pain.


what happened to the time when school was found not to be that important and stopped like in the 6th grade.

besides all of that mambo jambo . thing are going good. happy and healthy.
thats about all i got to say..

Bye Family.

Monday, July 21, 2008


i dont have much to report. but having the family news letter has been nice. i love to hear from all of you. and to know that everything is going well. Things in Utah have been going well. have a nice little rain storm that i sat in the middle of.


Well i am happy that all my doctors appointments are coming to an end. i have one today and then only one more after that . !
WOO. its about time.
i guess its a good things that the news isn't getting worse and that they are finding good things to report.
but hey i am a BAILEY and showing my mob/thug side. LOL
got to keep fighting the battles and issues that come.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summa Lovin

well im trying to keep updated with this blog. so i can stay in touch with my Fellow Baileys.
so far the summer has been a lot of fun with the amazing utah weather.
you all should come down. not only that but am having lots of fun activities with my friend
and concerts with the Fam.
so far we have seen
1. Colin Ray
2. Josh gracin
3. Joe Nichols

and to come is KELLY PICKLER.

well along with the fun activities. i have had the downers as well.
i have had appointment after appoint with the doctors to figurer out what is going on.
Nothing to horrible. im living and breathing just fine.
just hit a road block or two.
I cant wait to start out my Junior year at Highland it should be fun
i can go to PROM !

thats all for now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


my fellow bailey family. i have not that much to report. school is out !!!! finals were hard but i made it out alive. the school year was amazing and i loved every minute of it. so far this summer i have just been hanging around in utah, finding friends to go do things JOB APPLICATIONS WHAT A PEST!!!! and then i have been babysitting, racking in the money ! woohoo !! !

well thats all for now !

Saturday, May 3, 2008

new pics !!

well i cut my hair YAY

Saturday, February 23, 2008

MY STORY !!! MOLLY'S Writings (one part of it)

By Jennifer Bailey 2/15/2008
Molly was always told this “…. don’t dream to much…. You cant accomplish that….. Why want and wish…. You aren’t going to get anywhere. Not only is this bad to be told to a 15 year old girl, but it was by her family. She always believed it that she would never amount to anything. She wanted so much, and the opportunities where there, but she never took them, or saw them for what they where, and why would it be worth going for if you weren’t going to get anywhere with it. Then something came up, it was just a an other school assignment and that’s all molly took it as. The assignment was to write a story that had to be based on someone they knew. When her teacher Mr. Jackson read the story he was amazed by the talent he saw in her writings. The next day when she arrived at school, he pulled her aside, “ Molly you are an incredible writer, stay after class and we can talk about clubs you can get in.” As Molly went to her seat she was so shocked to find that someone thought she could be successful at something but at the same time she didn’t believe it.
Class soon was over, and her and Mr. Jackson talked he told her of all the plans and different classes she could take. ‘Mr. Jackson I cant do this I’m not that good of a writer.” The teacher didn’t know why she had no faith in herself so he decided to call her parents. Hello said carry, hi Mrs. Strafford this is Mr. Jackson and I am calling on behalf of you daughter Molly. Well hello Mr. Jackson what has she done this time? Nothing, nothing at all, well actually something its quite amazing! Your daughter has a great skill in writing and I would like to talk about some programs we can get her in. My Daughter? No, no, no you must be mistaken Mr. my daughter is incapable of that, she doesn’t have any skill. So I will let you go, bye Mr. Jackson. He just sat there dazed and confused after that horrible conversation with Molly’s mother. He now understood why Molly had no confidence in herself.
As the weeks went on the teacher began to give her more and more writing assignments, and was engaging her in clubs. Molly! Her mother yelled as she walked into the house. What mother? What is this that I hear about you in clubs, where do you think you are going to get with this? Mother there is no need for that said Molly’s sister Jamie. Jamie was twenty three and was coming back to visit while she was on her break from school. You have no right to talk to your mother that Jamie say sorry to you mother right now. Dad Jamie was only sticking up for me, why do you have to yell at her.. Now in this house all there is, is conflict yelling back and forth and wondering when it was all going to stop. It never seemed like it ever would then, the phone rang. Everybody hesitated to answer the phone. Soon the phone stopped ringing and the house fell silent. All of them to ashamed to speak they all just went off in different paths.
Molly walked out of the house without saying a word and Jamie followed her. Lets take a walk into town like old times said Jamie. As they were walking they see the big sign that says Welcome to MayBridge, it was just a little town the kind that set you at peace when you were walking through it. The kind of town that was in the movies when everyone new everyone and all had smiling faces when you get greeted on every corner you turn, store you walk into and place you stop. “I remember this town, and how we used to come her all the time.” said Jamie. Molly left as if there was something missing or something that she didn’t know. She began to go threw a check list
Dad-Robert owner of one of the town markets Smiths , Mom-Carry unemployed, Sister-Jamie my also my best friend goes to college works at a pizza place and has a boyfriend Chris. She didn’t think she missed anything. “Molly” said Jamie “I want you to go for your dreams, and listen to your teachers and friends, you can do it!” I cant Jamie mom doesn’t even….. “STOP there Molly, there are thing about mom that you don’t know about mom.” “WHAT” Molly replied shockingly. She became very curious and before she could even ask Jamie said sorry sister I cant tell you anything about it; just know that she doesn’t mean everything she says.
They began there way back home to their little home on the farm. “Ha” `some farm you have here” Andy said. Andy was the little snot nosed boy that live next to them the one Molly always liked, nobody new that she did not even her closest friend Beth. “Just go home Andy, you aren’t wanted here!!” Molly told him this with all the rudeness she had in her. As he walked away Jamie and Molly walked back into the house. Even now the house was more silent then ever! “Hello.. mom, dad you there? ” Molly and Jamie said in unison. Still no sound was made. They came up this the agreement that Molly would look around the house and that she would look around the town and stuff. “what ever you do Molly stay on the lot.”
Jamie headed down the road, to the little creek, and there she sat. “mom!” she was speaking with a very soft tone for she didn’t want to startle her mother. “ Hi my baby girl, how did you know I was here?” Mom. You came here all the time, when I was little don’t you remember ? O’ no my dear you must be mistake I just found this place today. Then Jamie came into a deep thought, one that she couldn’t get out of. So many things started to run through her mind. Soon she snapped out of it and helped her mother back home. Before her mom could get into the house and asked Molly if dad was there. “Yep, yep he sure is” Molly said. “DAD, DAD come here !” when he arrived she whispered in his ear “mom had another episode.” They both sat there in sock. This hadn’t happened in a while.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

same old same old

Well not much new is going on in my same day to day life !
but i have ha lots of projects for school, that is one thing that never seems to end.......
but we just had a big spanish project and my partner and i got a 96/100 SO WOOOOOO
in pe we all seem to be getting lots of injuries b/c we are playing HOCKEY a wonder and great sport but yet it is dangerous (with us crazy wild teens)
so dont have nothing very exciting to say but i hope all your lives are going great
and i will talk to you soon.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

here are some quotes/phrases i like and, something i wrote a while ago

QUOTES/ phrases


in life many things happen you fall and rise you laugh and cry you fall in and out of love but all this happens at different times dont hate it for what it is but love it for what it can be turned into. so the statment that goes something like this "for everything there is a season" is true. also know that when something happens you have the power to turn it around for the better. but somethings its better to leave as is because it makes you WHO YOU ARE we all wish for the good, but sometimes we dont realize that along with good comes bad. more times the good out numbers the bad Even if we dont realize it. so just BE happy Live your life dont be afraid to put our heart on the line for love (most the time it WILL turn out for the better) laugh all the time !and its ok to cry! Jenny B.

hello again

hey everyone !
well i am still on my x-mas holiday and loving ever mon. of it!
its so nice just to sit back and relaxe. unfortunently i have to start school again on monday
that also mean Seminary UGHHHH.
it not easy to get up at 5:30!!!!!
life is still the same not much is going no here, still have all my friends that find a way to grow at a rapid pace.
we just had our New Years dance, and that was AWSOME i got a big group of people together and just had a blast . so i guess i should say HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!

well thats all for now .