Saturday, February 23, 2008

MY STORY !!! MOLLY'S Writings (one part of it)

By Jennifer Bailey 2/15/2008
Molly was always told this “…. don’t dream to much…. You cant accomplish that….. Why want and wish…. You aren’t going to get anywhere. Not only is this bad to be told to a 15 year old girl, but it was by her family. She always believed it that she would never amount to anything. She wanted so much, and the opportunities where there, but she never took them, or saw them for what they where, and why would it be worth going for if you weren’t going to get anywhere with it. Then something came up, it was just a an other school assignment and that’s all molly took it as. The assignment was to write a story that had to be based on someone they knew. When her teacher Mr. Jackson read the story he was amazed by the talent he saw in her writings. The next day when she arrived at school, he pulled her aside, “ Molly you are an incredible writer, stay after class and we can talk about clubs you can get in.” As Molly went to her seat she was so shocked to find that someone thought she could be successful at something but at the same time she didn’t believe it.
Class soon was over, and her and Mr. Jackson talked he told her of all the plans and different classes she could take. ‘Mr. Jackson I cant do this I’m not that good of a writer.” The teacher didn’t know why she had no faith in herself so he decided to call her parents. Hello said carry, hi Mrs. Strafford this is Mr. Jackson and I am calling on behalf of you daughter Molly. Well hello Mr. Jackson what has she done this time? Nothing, nothing at all, well actually something its quite amazing! Your daughter has a great skill in writing and I would like to talk about some programs we can get her in. My Daughter? No, no, no you must be mistaken Mr. my daughter is incapable of that, she doesn’t have any skill. So I will let you go, bye Mr. Jackson. He just sat there dazed and confused after that horrible conversation with Molly’s mother. He now understood why Molly had no confidence in herself.
As the weeks went on the teacher began to give her more and more writing assignments, and was engaging her in clubs. Molly! Her mother yelled as she walked into the house. What mother? What is this that I hear about you in clubs, where do you think you are going to get with this? Mother there is no need for that said Molly’s sister Jamie. Jamie was twenty three and was coming back to visit while she was on her break from school. You have no right to talk to your mother that Jamie say sorry to you mother right now. Dad Jamie was only sticking up for me, why do you have to yell at her.. Now in this house all there is, is conflict yelling back and forth and wondering when it was all going to stop. It never seemed like it ever would then, the phone rang. Everybody hesitated to answer the phone. Soon the phone stopped ringing and the house fell silent. All of them to ashamed to speak they all just went off in different paths.
Molly walked out of the house without saying a word and Jamie followed her. Lets take a walk into town like old times said Jamie. As they were walking they see the big sign that says Welcome to MayBridge, it was just a little town the kind that set you at peace when you were walking through it. The kind of town that was in the movies when everyone new everyone and all had smiling faces when you get greeted on every corner you turn, store you walk into and place you stop. “I remember this town, and how we used to come her all the time.” said Jamie. Molly left as if there was something missing or something that she didn’t know. She began to go threw a check list
Dad-Robert owner of one of the town markets Smiths , Mom-Carry unemployed, Sister-Jamie my also my best friend goes to college works at a pizza place and has a boyfriend Chris. She didn’t think she missed anything. “Molly” said Jamie “I want you to go for your dreams, and listen to your teachers and friends, you can do it!” I cant Jamie mom doesn’t even….. “STOP there Molly, there are thing about mom that you don’t know about mom.” “WHAT” Molly replied shockingly. She became very curious and before she could even ask Jamie said sorry sister I cant tell you anything about it; just know that she doesn’t mean everything she says.
They began there way back home to their little home on the farm. “Ha” `some farm you have here” Andy said. Andy was the little snot nosed boy that live next to them the one Molly always liked, nobody new that she did not even her closest friend Beth. “Just go home Andy, you aren’t wanted here!!” Molly told him this with all the rudeness she had in her. As he walked away Jamie and Molly walked back into the house. Even now the house was more silent then ever! “Hello.. mom, dad you there? ” Molly and Jamie said in unison. Still no sound was made. They came up this the agreement that Molly would look around the house and that she would look around the town and stuff. “what ever you do Molly stay on the lot.”
Jamie headed down the road, to the little creek, and there she sat. “mom!” she was speaking with a very soft tone for she didn’t want to startle her mother. “ Hi my baby girl, how did you know I was here?” Mom. You came here all the time, when I was little don’t you remember ? O’ no my dear you must be mistake I just found this place today. Then Jamie came into a deep thought, one that she couldn’t get out of. So many things started to run through her mind. Soon she snapped out of it and helped her mother back home. Before her mom could get into the house and asked Molly if dad was there. “Yep, yep he sure is” Molly said. “DAD, DAD come here !” when he arrived she whispered in his ear “mom had another episode.” They both sat there in sock. This hadn’t happened in a while.