Monday, November 2, 2009


well here are those zombie pictures you have all been
DIEING to see

Sunday, November 1, 2009

up date on life


Hey everyone.
yes i know its been a Century from my last post.
my life is a busy one.

well i did the Kern County fair with my Rabbits and did AMAZING !!

i got best of opposite bread- which means, The male Holland lop that won best of bread i was the best Doe ( female rabbit )
i also revived best of Variety with she was the best broken pattern doe out of all of them.
so they gave me a first place ribbon and 20 $ which is now sadly gone.
but it was a great experience and i loved it very much. and cant wait to do it again next year.
I am still breading my California rabbits and has almost been a year since i started the project. it takes up all my time. but i am should be starting a new round of breading soon because all the babies from before were kill for dissection ( so sad i wanted to cry ) and the rest aren't babies anymore.
at school i made the honor roll 2 as 2 bs and 1 c :] :] :]
for a total of a 3.00 i am loving my senior year i have great classes.
i have my Ag 4 class, choir, English i love my teacher she is the absolute best.
a Teachers assistant class were all i do is eat and put grades in the book. so that is a nice break time for me.i also have economy i find it very interesting.
lets see. Yesterday i went over to my boyfriend Ralf's house for Halloween we were Zombies. and look very scary we made he sister scared, but it was so much fun.
i will have those pictures up soon if my computer will let me download them
and i would have pictures from fair. but i lost my 2 gig memory card. i am devastated.


I AM STABLE !!!!!!! :}


lets see Ralf- he is doing get in school 3.04
he always makes sure i am okay.

he just bought me a charm bracelet from Helzburg Diamonds that was over 100$ he made it him self. Very Amazing i might say.
and our 1 year will be on the 21st of this month. :]

i was on the news and in the paper the other day B/C i sang at the GRAND OPENING of

drum roll...........

very ones favorite store.
it was fun.

okay now for


i loved it the whole family went plus ralf.
and we were there to midnight. it was one of the best trips to Disney i had ever had.
clam chowder not as good as it was but it will do.

and Finally Pictures.