Friday, May 22, 2009


so in the new show glee club
they sing Journey, dont stop believing and i think it is AMAZINGGGG!!!

its the first song on my playlist, so tell me what you think

also im going to be in band next year and i have a possition.


so i will be taking pic. of the band
and organizing music im so excited

Saturday, May 16, 2009


this band did tetris
and mario. !!

its awesomeeee


ME AND RALF AT PROM :D :D !!!!!!!!!!

well my mom did my make-up i think it was perfect :D

and my MY HAIR AFTER I GOT IT DONE it took and hour and 1/2 it was the style from harry potter that Hemrione did at the grand ball in the goblet of fire well it was 75 bobbie pins 4 rubber bands
gel and tons of hairspray

Me and ralf he got me the prettiest red rose

Prom was soooo much fun i enjoyed it soo very much
it was from 6 to 11 and me and ralf danced a lot.
they had food from mexicali it was really good.
after prom i just went home and crashed.
i didnt go out to dinner or anything but their is always next year.

I am raising my bunnies now. and i love them soooo very much and will have pictures of them up soon. i have been doing it for about 3 months now, and wish i had started sooner.
lets see so much as happened, sorry for not posting as much i need to get back in the groove.

well leave you ideas, questions and just things you want to say and ill get back to you.

as well with more prom pictures !!
love you all.