Friday, May 14, 2010

Prom pictures are here

this was the last prom but it was absolutely amazing I LOVED IT sad to see high school ending but it was nice while it lasted.
also i might include i went to the Daughtry,, Life house and Cavo concert it was the best thing EVER i cant even explain it !!!! i moment i will remember forever.

:} :} :}

Thursday, April 22, 2010


well prom is Sat so i wont have pictures until then but
her are so pictures of my dress

i cant wait !!! :]

Sunday, March 21, 2010


here are some updated picture.
i dont got much to say,
yesterday i took my college assessment.
i did well alright
and then went to Ralf's house and had a bar-b-q with his family and that was really fun.
thats about it for now

Friday, March 19, 2010

long time no talk

well everyone, yes i know long time on talk. well i guess i am the delayed speaker of well a long time. my short buss has just pulled into the station, but i guess im not ridding the short buss im driving it lol!!
well here are some of this years formal pictures.

so i will be graduating on June 3rd Everyone
hip hip hooray HIP HIP HOORAY !! and im taking the college assessment test tomorrow (sat)so keep the phalanges crossed :] lets see what else

so i raise rabbits right ? not a shocker to any of you.
well i wanted to breed so i ask one of the girls i did fair with to breed with me.
okay no big deal so far. i told here i would pay her a 25 dollar stud fee ( good price i think ) if she got pregnant. well no go the first time so we tried again. well her due date came NO babies. again so i asked if she wanted to again. and guess what she told me ???............

pay me ..... 75 dollars and an extra 5 for driving here ??? ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN !! I DON'T THINK SO. im not paying you for my rabbit to sit with yours heck to the no !
then she said ill bring it down to 50,
umm try again
so i didnt pay her and we arent in doing breeding together anymore

what part dont you get about IF SHE GOT PREGNANT ? did she
NO !
well thats the story,
what u think.
also i finished the book Frankenstein its AMAZING ! and the movie Young Frankenstein no where CLOSE TO THE BOOK ! but an amazing movie and give a lot a lot of laughs.
its time to break out the shorts in Bakersfield. but be prepared to see some WHITE i mean WHITE legs lol

well thats all i got so far. i try to be better about posting,