Friday, March 19, 2010

long time no talk

well everyone, yes i know long time on talk. well i guess i am the delayed speaker of well a long time. my short buss has just pulled into the station, but i guess im not ridding the short buss im driving it lol!!
well here are some of this years formal pictures.

so i will be graduating on June 3rd Everyone
hip hip hooray HIP HIP HOORAY !! and im taking the college assessment test tomorrow (sat)so keep the phalanges crossed :] lets see what else

so i raise rabbits right ? not a shocker to any of you.
well i wanted to breed so i ask one of the girls i did fair with to breed with me.
okay no big deal so far. i told here i would pay her a 25 dollar stud fee ( good price i think ) if she got pregnant. well no go the first time so we tried again. well her due date came NO babies. again so i asked if she wanted to again. and guess what she told me ???............

pay me ..... 75 dollars and an extra 5 for driving here ??? ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN !! I DON'T THINK SO. im not paying you for my rabbit to sit with yours heck to the no !
then she said ill bring it down to 50,
umm try again
so i didnt pay her and we arent in doing breeding together anymore

what part dont you get about IF SHE GOT PREGNANT ? did she
NO !
well thats the story,
what u think.
also i finished the book Frankenstein its AMAZING ! and the movie Young Frankenstein no where CLOSE TO THE BOOK ! but an amazing movie and give a lot a lot of laughs.
its time to break out the shorts in Bakersfield. but be prepared to see some WHITE i mean WHITE legs lol

well thats all i got so far. i try to be better about posting,


Hot Pants said...

You look so pretty! I love your hair! Way to stand your ground with the rabbit breeder. Dwight's trying to get us to breed rabbits, only he wants us to be able to eat them.

Jenny B. said...

you have to do a special breed for that.

one of them is the California rabbits. they are huge and white. i have bread them before they are an essay breed.

Jenny ESP said...

$75? She must think her bunny is not all that. Charight.

Jenny B. said...

ahhaha apparently !! i know my bunny isnt worth that. i mean that is ridiculous do you think i have a money plant ? i think not