Sunday, March 21, 2010


here are some updated picture.
i dont got much to say,
yesterday i took my college assessment.
i did well alright
and then went to Ralf's house and had a bar-b-q with his family and that was really fun.
thats about it for now


ManicMandee said...

Cute photos. You and Ralf seem to have been together for a very long time now! How long?

Markie23 said...

Love you, Love the pic's!

Jenny B. said...

We have been together a year and a half today intact

Jenny ESP said...

There you are! Where have you been? Cuddling with Ralf when you should have been blogging? This is unacceptable.

Jenny B. said...

well i have been out of the blogging word its sad to say.
well i will do more blogging from now now

i made two posts already