Friday, October 31, 2008

photo friday

i guess i will join you in the photo friday thing.

well this was taken like 3 years ago
at the beach. We always go to old antique shops. at this one i put on all the hats.
If you you think im lame or CRAZYYY then my friend jackamo will get you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Alright we all know of the famous Weed. it has been around forever. before all of you get shocked about this topic or are asking yourself " Why is jenny talking about this?"


so be people that live behind us are your Great full Dead people. peace loving, death worship, AC DC, motorcycle riding, long hair hippie people. well for weeks and weeks, i go to bed with the smell of weed and wake up it even stronger.
well im thinking they must be growing it or have a never ending supply of it .im sure they really love it. and dont mind giving it a share by somking it 24-7
well with these Lovely weedies !!! is how i get this wonderful topic.
Now sings of a neighbor affair or weed smoking.
1. it smell like a really bad skunk
with a mix of a kind of pine. type thing.
2. a smell that wont go away.
3. it smell like its in your own front yard.

put all that aside. and everything else is going wonderful. besides the regular highschool drama.
and liven up my junior as a Highland Scotts men. !

well now that we are all educated about it all.
lets express our feelings and thoughts and questions we may have in a comment. shall we ? !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


well in ag we deal a lot with chickens. they are nasty little boogers. it is beyond me why anyone would want to have them or raise them for any reason.
So it's fine if i just have to look at them or collect eggs. but when you have to clean out their cages that is N A S T Y !!!!! so this is were my 2 stories come in
Story one
me and this other girl had to clean out the outside chicken cages ( these chickens are a little more free rang )
she is very frightened of them. so while im trying to clean i have to keep the chickens away from her. she raked and i scoped and put it to the wheel barrel then dumped the wheel barrel. then we traded in the nex cage.
so after that we told Mr. Davidson that we were finished. He asked us is we cleaned out where they sit. and lay eggs i said no. He told me thats what the gloves were for. <>

we had to go back and remove all the Chicken Crap BY HAND !
it was one of the nastest thing i have ever done. A lot of it was FRESH ! that made it even worse.

story 2
well now Mr davidson got rid of all the chickens . and now he wants to get more . so that we can raise them and have little chickies.
so the last couple of day we have been cleaning and sanitizing all the copes and such. now their we ROACHES EVERYWHERE/ the flying ones. and black widdows, EWww. not only that but there was a .....


that was the worst thing. and it smelt soo bad, and all the poop was stuck to cages and the ground. and i was thinking how did this place get this bad.
i mean how much can one bird poop. ?
and we clean them like once a week.

anyway those are my chicken stories.

Monday, October 6, 2008


are cute

so i have to do an ag project so i'm going to raise dwarf Rabbits
they fit in the pawm of your hand.
so im should be getting a male and a female.
and then breed them and sell the little ones around 25$ or so.
the rang from 15-35$

if this doesnt work out. i could also raise parakeets .
not as fun i think

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i know you are sailing away soon
i know that we can make it
i know i will miss you with everything
I have
i know that im here for you
every step of the way i know you're here for me just the same knowing we'll be ok Eases some of my fears i know you will be safe but i still worry I hope my worries show the love i have for i cant say those words enough i know we are stronger then we think as you sail away i know i'll see you soon i know time will pass fast, and i can hold you once again i know as you sail away, that you are Never out of reach i know its for the best t and that i'll love you even more when you return i love you and know as you sail away that the ship that is sailing will always be docked in my heart