Wednesday, January 30, 2008

same old same old

Well not much new is going on in my same day to day life !
but i have ha lots of projects for school, that is one thing that never seems to end.......
but we just had a big spanish project and my partner and i got a 96/100 SO WOOOOOO
in pe we all seem to be getting lots of injuries b/c we are playing HOCKEY a wonder and great sport but yet it is dangerous (with us crazy wild teens)
so dont have nothing very exciting to say but i hope all your lives are going great
and i will talk to you soon.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

here are some quotes/phrases i like and, something i wrote a while ago

QUOTES/ phrases


in life many things happen you fall and rise you laugh and cry you fall in and out of love but all this happens at different times dont hate it for what it is but love it for what it can be turned into. so the statment that goes something like this "for everything there is a season" is true. also know that when something happens you have the power to turn it around for the better. but somethings its better to leave as is because it makes you WHO YOU ARE we all wish for the good, but sometimes we dont realize that along with good comes bad. more times the good out numbers the bad Even if we dont realize it. so just BE happy Live your life dont be afraid to put our heart on the line for love (most the time it WILL turn out for the better) laugh all the time !and its ok to cry! Jenny B.

hello again

hey everyone !
well i am still on my x-mas holiday and loving ever mon. of it!
its so nice just to sit back and relaxe. unfortunently i have to start school again on monday
that also mean Seminary UGHHHH.
it not easy to get up at 5:30!!!!!
life is still the same not much is going no here, still have all my friends that find a way to grow at a rapid pace.
we just had our New Years dance, and that was AWSOME i got a big group of people together and just had a blast . so i guess i should say HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!

well thats all for now .